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Hey there! I'm Lyn Suarez. An eight-to-five person on weekdays and an outgoing introvert fashion-enthusiast in between and everyday. I have been told that I do have a lot of interest in whatever that surrounds me. But what's in my heart is the creativity and passion for a certain craft that I choose to do. And so, I'm really just writing about myself and the things that I love doing.

Knitwear Shoot

The second project shoot that we submitted was Knitwear. It was my first time to go to ukay-ukay and did shopping for this shoot and surprisingly, I only shelled out Php300 for the 2 shopping bags of knit clothes and clothes that were of my personal interest. I bought several pairs of pants and skirts that only cost Php50-Php90 each. Some of it has to be adjusted since some of it was kind of outsized on me. I bought it because of the cloth that was used and the style. Some that I bought has a small size so I guess I won’t be having any regret if I dispose it or give it to the one who are in need.

I guess being in this industry is what “PRESSURE” takes on. What happened on this shoot was we thought that our photographer won’t come since his shoot wasn’t yet done in Sta. Mesa but he informed us that he’ll come late. There was only one photographer that we were assuring of and he was the assistant photographer of Sir Rxandy Capinpin, Jerby Tebelin. In addition to that, there was also no HMUA who came. When we arrived at the studio, the model was waiting there for about 30 minutes (I forgot the name of the model and she was British!). We were supposed to cancel this shoot and to be honest, it was really in favour with me because (1) no sumptuous that will be fork out, and (2) I can get home early. But the model was really professional. She was the one who asked us to continue this shoot even if she still has a commitment in Makati. She was very eager to push this shoot so that there will be no time to be wasted for all of us. Glad that the model knew how to do the basic makeup plus I brought with me my makeup pouch and that was a big YEHEYYYY to all of us!

While waiting for the photographer to come, we had a fun shoot to test how a model and how to be on this spot feels like. LOL!



20140830_140400 20140830_140353 20140830_140327

Photos were taken using Samsung Note 2

So when the photographer came, everything was set. We decided to have photoshoot outdoor since we didn’t have equipment for the indoor shoot. I’ll only post the photos that were styled by me and here it goes..


Can you believe that all those clothes were bought in ukay-ukay?!

IMG_4050 IMG_4097 IMG_4047

This was a fast-paced shoot and we were like hurrying all the layouts since the model has a commitment that she needed to attend to. We were four (4) in a group and each of us has two (2) to three (3) layouts. As for me, I only took one (1) layout since this was just for my portfolio.

Meanwhile, this last layout was the styling layout as a group. We combined all our clothes and we came up to this design. What do you think of this styling? Is this good for our portfolio?

IMG_4108 IMG_4107 IMG_4095

And of course.. groupie photo with this British model can’t be forgotten..

Photos were taken by Jerby Tebelin


20140830_155723 20140830_155717 20140830_155710 20140830_153731 20140830_152517

Photos were taken using Samsung Note 2


Beauty Shoot with Stephanie Retuya

I’m into fashion but the funny thing about it is that: (1) I don’t know much about who are our local fashion designers, and (2) I don’t watch fashion shows.

I realized that I’m into fashion when I started purchasing clothes via online last 2010 and when I started reading fashion blogs last 2011. That I got to know fashion bloggers Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto, Dominique Tiu, and Joanna Ladrido. Everything followed since then. I thought if one is to fashion, then everything occupies it. But I was wrong. There’s a difference between a fashion designer and fashion stylist. Between a designer and a stylist, I chose being a stylist.

When I took this course, I learned a lot. I also met new faces. I got to know some people in the industry but not totally be friends with them. I realized that not all people have the same attitude as me. Well, not only in this industry but also in general. But one thing I realized about taking this course was, everyday is a learning process. If you choose to focus on what you really want, you should NOT stop learning and continue to research about a certain craft that you choose to do. You should NOT stop even if you get hurt of people’s criticisms on what you do. Criticisms are there for us to learn our mistakes and to hone our skills.We only get hurt because of how the people deliver criticisms. It’s what we kills us and cut our confidence.

Actually, it’s far from what my topic is. I can only remember as I’m writing now, the feeling I had during these times. I felt like I was the worst stylist among the four (4) of us and I felt like this job wasn’t for me. Everything I chose has something better than it. I don’t know if my fashion sense wasn’t that good as them or it was just that, I don’t know how to look if it was good or not.

To get into the highlight of this post, we were advised by our mentor, Ryuji Shiomitsu, during our first day of class that we must complete 4 project shoots before we graduate from this short course: (1) Beauty Shoot, (2) Knitwear Shoot, (3) Menswear Shoot, and (4) RTW – Gowns and dresses.

The first one was Beauty Shoot. We were asked to bring colorful accessories ONLY the day before this shoot and we were NOT aware who our model will be. We were also asked to bring our styling kit because mainly, we’ll be the one who’ll style the model. What made us surprised was when we got into the studio, there was a 2-day seminar (August 9 & 10) regarding fashion photography by Rxandy Capinpin. There was also a basic hair and makeup lesson by Hannah Pechon of Shu Uemura Philippines. Good thing about it was we were also educated about fashion photography and basic makeup for FREE. LOL!!! I was very eager on taking down notes and asks questions as if I was being back to a real student. Well, let’s see if I can share with you some of my notes.

So when the model came, I didn’t know that she was Stephanie Retuya of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1 First Runner-up. I told you then that I wasn’t very particulate on fashion television shows. I know Asia’s Next Top Model exist but I wasn’t very into it.

First thing that we did was to have a basic hair and makeup lesson with Hannah Pechon and Stephanie Retuya. She explained to us the cosmetics needed and how to apply each one of it. She also explained to us the use/purpose of different makeup brushes in a set. She also discussed about the hairstyle of the model and how to fix it.


Discussions about basic hair and makeup was followed by the seminar about fashion photography. This took awhile since the participants were really involving themselves into the subject since most of them were die-hard photographers plus they were really nice and easy to get along with.

Forgive my moment of selfie. You can overlook these photos and I won’t ever get hurt. I promise! LOL!

IMG_3938 IMG_3932 - editted IMG_3930

This is how the stylist and model works for a commercial shoot. LOL! Hello Josh!


Of course.. mirror selfie with Chino will never be ignored!


Chino and Sir Rxandy Capinpin.


Hello Sir Rxandy!


And the shoot began. We were asked to choose a partner and we have to come up with three (3) styling layouts. First layout would be the layout by partner and the second and third layout would be the individual layout. Obviously, I and Chino were partners for this shoot. Since this was a beauty shoot, it would only showcase the model, makeup, hair, and the accessories.

Here’s our first layout. It focused more on the accessories.

IMG_3966 IMG_3960 IMG_3959

For the second layout, the photographer focused more on the makeup. I love how the plastic could be used as a backdrop together with an electric fan. It was really creative and an art on the photo. I was amazed actually by it.



For the third layout, the photographer focused more on the hair and makeup. The photographer on this layout must be good since he must capture the hair with timing. Look at these shots. isn’t it amazing?!


Our groupie shots while having a shoot. We were already haggard but we still managed to smile.

20140809_151251 20140809_151239

With the super nice and down-to-earth Asia’s Next Top Mode Cycle 1 First Runner-up, Stephanie Retuya. I really love working with her. Stunning beauty inside and out was what she got!

IMG_3937 20140809_160536

Ariel Aid Couture Charity Fashion Show

Again, we were not informed about this event. All we knew was that, we’ll just have a lecture on the HISTORY OF FASHION STYLING just to have a brief background on where fashion styling started. I just remember this day that I was on my: (1) lazy moment, (2) horrible outfit, (3) unexpected broken pair of shoes since that pair of shoes was stuck in the cabinet for so long and the sole got fragile, and last (4) first day of period of being a woman attacked. I felt like I was a mess that day. But good thing about this day was that I was in a good company and they all saved me from disasters.

To start this post, Ariel Aid Couture was a project for typhoon Yolanda held in Glorietta activity center last August 2, 2014. Instead of donating clothes to the Yolanda victims, Ariel preferred to have a partnership with fashion designers and bloggers. Fashion designers and bloggers donated clothes and shoes to sell and the proceeds will go to the typhoon victims. What they did was, for every amount of purchase, there was a certain equivalent of donation. Like for example, I bought a Zara longsleeves polo for Php250. The equivalent donation of Php250 was a first aid kit. That small amount would be a big help to the typhoon victims since most of the victims were in need of medical aid.



This was Happy Andrada, a Filipino fashion designer who won several awards from different fashion competitions, local and international. I have to be honest with you guys. I didn’t know much more about our Filipino fashion designers except for Rajo Laurel, Michael Cinco, Inno Sotto, Camille Co, Monique Lhuillier, Cary Santiago, Patrick Galang, Cheetah Rivera, Tan-Gan, Randy Ortiz, Veejay Floresca, Pepsi Herrera, Paul Cabral, and Joey Samson (PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY FOR THIS! I KNOW I WAS TOO TERRIBLE BUT PLEASE.. I’M REALLY SORRY!). Not until I decided to enter fashion and took fashion styling course. I know these names because of the Philippine Fashion Week (PFW) or when the celebrities acknowledging them for their beautiful creations. I got to appreciate the other fashion courses because of them and believe it or not, I wanted to take Fashion Designing or Patternmaking course after this.


We were asked to choose people around Glorietta who we think got our attention of their fashion out/style. All we need to do was to approach them and ask for a photo. Since my lazy mode was ON, I didn’t do it. Instead, I asked these 3 people, who were friends with our mentor, to pose for me. LOL! I know I was lazy and please don’t ever put that word on my face! LOL! Weren’t they stylish?! Yes, they were!


So here’s the catch.. we need to choose one (1) pair of clothes and style it on ourselves. After that, we need to put our feet on the stage to show to them how we styled the pre-loved clothes that we’ve picked. This was done to show the crowd that being stylish isn’t just for brand new and branded clothes. Being stylish could also be done with hand-me-down clothes, clothes that are from thrift, stores, and clothes that are unbranded. Also, we need to showcase the clothes that we’ve chosen so people would know what they’ll see on the racks that were being stood in the middle of activity center.


….. and tadaaaaa!!!!! Presenting… the models! And we were ready to hit the runway! LOL!


With the help of our mentor, Ryuji Shiomitsu, I love how the clothes were styled on me. I never wore an outfit like this and this was actually new to me. I realized that fashion styling was really experimental. Sometimes you have to go on your wayd and most of the time, you have to get out of the box. I never thought that this long skirt could be paired with sneakers. This was kind of streetwear (I guess?). I was about to buy this skirt from H&M (but I forgot whose rack belong this!). If I can remember, this skirt cost Php750, top was Php400, and oversized coat was Php1,000+. I really wanted to buy what I wore but i didn’t know where, when, and how I could mix and match all of these. Dillema hitted me once again!






20140802_164231 20140802_181718 20140802_181712 20140802_181703

Say hello to MADAME LYN! :p anyway, I regret that I didn’t buy the skirt. This skirt could be worn in different style. It could be casual, formal, and even streetwear plus this skirt from H&M cost beyond low price compared to a brand new cost.

So, how do you find my look? Yay or nay?!


Metro Magazine Shoot for September 2014 issue

I know this entry is really outdated and mind you, the upcoming posts will be the same as well since it’s been 4 months since I last worked on my blog. Forgive me. HAHA.. I just need to post all my Fashion Styling experiences so it will be all recorded if ever I make a throwback in a few years. LOL!

After we attended the Majorlica Majora Doll Glam Fashion Show at SM North The Block, we headed straight to Sir Rxandy’s studio in San Juan to witness a photoshoot for Metro magazine. It was my first time to attend a photoshoot for a magazine and had an experience how was working with models, HMUAs, stylists, and photographers. If I can remember, this photoshoot was for Metro magazine September 2014 issue.

When we arrived there, it was Bella Padilla who was being photo taken of. We didn’t see her layouts because it was the last layout that we got hold of. Infairness, she was pretty and classy! I love her beauty.


Then after Bella Padilla, it was Pong Niu’s turn to pose for the camera. According to Philippine Star (Lifestyle Section) dated July 30, 2014, “Pong Niu is a MAC Cosmetics sponsored artist who honed her talents in Cosmoprof, Singapore’s premier makeup academy. She interviewed with MAC in Singapore but was referred to the Manila office instead. After MAC Philippines brand manager Gay Lao saw her work during a fashion show held at the Manila penitentiary with Puey Quiñones, she was tapped to become one of only a handful of Filipino makeup artists to be backed by the US cosmetic giant in our country. Today, she is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the Philippines who counts woman of style Ching Cruz as a loyal client. She has worked with countless famous Filipina beauties like Miss World 2013 Megan Young, Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago, models-turned-TV personalities Valerie Weigmann, Kim Jones and Isabelle Daza, actresses Carmina Villaroel, Coleen Garcia and celebrity stylist Pam Quiñones, to name a few.”

I don’t know much about her. All I know is that, she’s one of the talented makeup artists here in the Philippines. I just got to know her on one of the posts of Laureen Uy’s blog.



The main reason why we were asked to go at the studio because of this – we need to assist the head stylist, Ryuji Shiomitsu, for the “5 ways on how to wear palazzo pants” section of the magazine. There were 5 layouts of outfit but only the top portion of the outfit has been changed. I wasn’t able to capture the 5 outfits because the photographer told us that we shouldn’t take photo of it and post it on all social media sites since this shoot was taken earlier than the scheduled issue. And so, I took all of these because (1) I really love how the model looks like (#girlcrushmodeON), and (2) that bag was MINE! LOL!!!






Forgive how we goof around. We were like this during our “free time”. Also, forgive how haggard we were. Every thing was a surprise this day since we were not informed on what we’ll do. Each one of us has its own first times and this was one of it.

IMG_3719 IMG_3740 IMG_3742 IMG_3706 IMG_3702 IMG_3701 IMG_3700 10565162_4463072030790_4417950631853409311_n 10532518_4463083311072_8226525003913800085_n

Say hello to Brenda, an international British model and… my girl crush! LOL! :p

10342402_4463082231045_8211269508743820228_n (1)

Majorlica Majorca Doll Glam Fashion Show

This was our 2nd Saturday of our fashion styling class and we were NOT informed that we were going to attend a fashion show and a photoshoot (oh sometimes I hate a disorganized schedule!). On the other hand, we were given a chance to work at the backstage of a runway and got to see how the staff and the models work. I can say that I already believed all the articles about fashion styling – that styling is NOT a glamorous job that people thought of.


This Majorlica Majorca Doll Glam Fashion Show was held last July 26, 2014 at SM North The Block. We were asked to assist at the backstage to dress all the models for different segments. Clothes and accessories were pulled out from Forever 21 and since  I’m a Forever 21 baby, I was really fascinated with all the clothes that I see in a model and how it were combined. The clothes were already set by the assistant fashion stylist and all we have to do was to give it to them and assist them to change their clothes for the runway.



I assisted Khamae and Miraj for the PRETTY segment and here are they. 20140726_141351 IMG_3767IMG_3762IMG_3747IMG_3699IMG_3694C360_2014-07-26-17-15-20-928And of course.. here I am with Alodia Gosiengfiao. One of the hosts of Majorlica Majorca Doll Glam Fashion Show together with Tricia Gosingtian. We were about to leave the event since we still need to attend to a photoshoot after this and luckily, we still got the chance to have a photo op with her. Her charm was really stunning. That’s all I can say!


Me and our mentor, Sir Ryuji Shiomitsu!

20140726_14181020140726_14175920140726_14175520140726_14170920140726_14142720140726_14130220140726_14122820140726_14120720140726_134610IMG_3769 20140726_134604So there you go! I know most of you think that being at the backstage is fun. Well, it’s fun IF you really like what you’re doing. Believe me.. being there is very stressful. You have to be extra careful on the clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags that you pulled out from different boutiques because no matter what happens to it, you’ll be the one who is responsible on paying for it. You also have to be creative on how the model will look like by means of mixing and matching of clothes. Being a fashion stylist takes a lot of energy and most of all.. PASSION! If you don’t have those two, maybe the job isn’t really for you.


As soon as I saw this Popeye sweat shirt when I passed by the Uniqlo store in SM Aura, I immediately told myself that I have to buy it. It reminds me of how I spent my childhood period and all the memories that enclosing it. I can say that my childhood and youth memoirs are really one for the books. I and my friends can’t avoid bringing back all the memories that we’ve shared because we’re all have something to laugh about ourselves.

I remember how willing I was to look for spinach because everytime Popeye eats spinach, he becomes 10 times stronger than his usual strength. So when I was a kid, I thought eating spinach was also applicable to me and to everyone else. I believed that I can also be like Popeye when I eat spinach – that I can cram and be able to stick in my mind all the lectures and notes that I have read and memorized even when I don’t study in advance for my trimester exam; that I can be the winner in all games that I play with my childhood friends and neighbors (since I was always the 2nd placer among us); and most of all, I can be stronger as Popeye in playing my favorite sport – VOLLEYBALL!




PANTS: Forever 21

NECKLACES: S.O.S., Powerplant

I took these photos inside the fitting room because I would like to know if this sweat shirt really suits me. I’m at the season of experimenting different styles of outfit. I normally wear shorts/pants with a tucked top and a pair of flats or heels. Just like that. Isn’t it boring?! People always see me wearing SAME STYLE of outfit on Fridays and on weekends. This is my first time to have a sweat shirt and gladly, it’s from Uniqlo. It’s good to wear it since I have something to hide in it plus it matches my short hair. LOL!

So what do you think of this outfit? Do you think I can pull this off?

Fashion Styling at Fashion Institute of the Philippines

Ever since when I was in secondary school, I wanted to become a model. I attended several go-sees but unfortunately, I wasn’t picked at all. I was a chubby kiddo at that time, long hair, dark complexion, and most of all, I still don’t know how to dress properly.

I can still remember the time when I went to a go-see for Candy magazine at ABS-CBN. Someone approached me and told me, “sorry pero hindi qualified yung mga pictures mo. Hindi kami naghahanap ng naka plain shirt lang, jeans at sneakers” (“sorry but your pictures are not qualified. We’re not looking for someone who’s wearing just a plain shirt, jeans, and sneakers”). I was really hurt at that time and felt offended since number of people heard it. I went down from the studio with tears running on my face. I told myself that someday, I can also be as good-looking as the people I saw from the go-see

So from then on, I’ve been telling myself that someday I’ll learn how to dress well and make myself look good. I always envy my batchmates when I was in college because they can afford to shop for good clothes, bags and shoes. I can’t shop for myself because I have to save my money since my sister always give me exact amount for my 1-month allowance. That’s what I was doing during my entire life in college – SAVING MONEY!

Until when I finished college and became office girl, as days went by, I came to absorb the concept of “art of dressing up” most especially when I entered graduate school and at the same time, I was up for clubbing on WEEKENDS and from the two that I mentioned, I got to meet different types of people. When I was in graduate school, I realized that it wasn’t the course that I’ve wanted to take. I became conscious that FASHION was really in my heart. In 2011, I started reading blogs and I can still remember that it was Camille Co’s blog that I first read on.

I finished graduate studies in 2013. I promised myself that I’ll do what I really like and let’s see what will happen next. I also started blogging on 2012 but I wasn’t able to manage it. It’s so difficult for me to have a daily outfit post since I’m a company person and we have an office uniform from Mondays to Thursdays and a washday on a Friday. However, it’s also complicated for me to have an outfit shot inside and outside the office since weird stares will be around me. But now, I’ve learned how to manage it.


And so, last June of this year, finally, I was able to enrol in Fashion Styling class at Fashion Institute of the Philippine (FIP), Ortigas branch. My class was every Saturday from 9am to 6pm but it didn’t actually starts at 9am. It has also a branch in Makati and Cebu but I opted to enrol at their main branch since that’s the nearest in our house. There were few reasons why I decided to enrol in this class: (1) I wanted to know the in’s and out’s of fashion, (2) what it takes to be a fashion stylist and the difference between a blogger and a stylist, (3) Fashion is MY PASSION, (4) I wanted myself to be preoccupied because I wanted to show to SOMEONE that I’m happy making myself busy with something that I love doing.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The class started in July 19 that was supposed to be in July 12 but according to the one who is organizing it, they were just waiting for additional enrolees to fill out the number of students that a course needs. But I guess it wasn’t fulfilled so they started the class in July 19.

So this was my outfit during our first day. Sorry for the blurred. Again, if my photo is as blurred as this, it means I took it from my itouch. Get it?

Meanwhile, our instructor advised us to go to the school on a Sunday (July 28) to choose a designer from FIP for our final project. We need to choose at least one (1) for ourselves since the final project will be done individually. In choosing a designer, first, we must know our aesthetic. I chose “edgy” as my aesthetic. Well, that’s how I define myself in dressing up. Okay.. so for you to understand, here’s what “aesthetic” means:


did you get it? Or do you still want further explanation? Anyway, as I go along with my posts, I can explain to you little by little what my aesthetic looks like. Okay?! Yay or nay?!


Meet my new found friend, Chino. He also has the passion same as mine. Right from the start that I saw him, I already felt that I can jive with this person. This was Sunday and we already chose our designer for our final project. I can’t wait to show you my chosen designer’s collection and be able to understand what my aesthetic looks like.


PANTS: Uniqlo

FLATS: Solemate

BAG: @estuffonlineshop (Instagram)


For more information regarding the courses, fees, and schedules in Fashion Institute of the Philippines, here’s a brochure for you.

FIP - page 1

FIP - page 2

Unleashed 2 – Wet and Wild Party

“It’s amazing I’m in this maze with you
I just can’t crack your code
One day you screaming you love me loud
The next day you’re so cold
One day you’re here, one day you’re there, one day you care
You’re so unfair sipping from your cup
Till it runneth over, HOLY GRAIL”

The song that was stuck in my head up to now that I’m doing this post is this – HOLY GRAIL! It reminds me of someone who I let do this to me several times and up to now, I’m still letting him do it to me. Oh L-O-V-E!!! It makes us stupid sometimes!


I attended UNLEASHED 2 – FREE WET PARTY last July 5 at Megatent, Libis, Quezon City and I would like to thank my friend, John, who gave me a VIP entrance ticket to the said party event. It was actually my first time to attend a party like this since I don’t usually buy tickets and I don’t have someone to go with in this kind of events. To add a booze to the party, water from fire trucks (yes, you read it.. From FIRE TRUCKS!) were rained to the crowd to make it howdy and wild. Of course, I stayed away from it because I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t have any shirt or towel with me. Only the typical stuff that I usually bring to club whenever I party. Also,  I just came out from the hospital a month ago before this party and my doctor advised me to have a 3-month bed rest but since my head was hard as stone and I really missed having my night life, I immediately responded to John’s text and accepted the VIP entrance ticket from him.

UNLEASHED 2 – FREE WET PARTY started 4pm up and ended at around 4am with the live performances of Manila’s top DJ’s Ace Ramos, Cherry Summer, Katsy Lee, Marc Marasigan, Mars Miranda, Motherbass, Nix Damn P, MC Paulo and Travis Monsod. The only DJs that we got to catch were Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda since we came to the place quite late. Oh gawd! Their set was so amazing! I won’t wonder why they are considered as the Manila’s top DJs and high-paid DJs because of the mind-blowing and fist-pumping music and remixes that they are delivering to the crowd.




IMG_3589 IMG_3588

Hello DJ MARS MIRANDA!!!! I really wanted to meet you in person and see you spinning but I can’t catch you in one of the night spots here in Manila since you were always in out-of-town gigs. Gladly, I was able to catch you here and had few photos with you!!!! Awwww….. I’m a FAN!!!! *heart heart*

IMG_3571 IMG_3566 IMG_3559 IMG_3592

UNLEASHED 2 – FREE WET PARTY was hosted by along with WEEDOO Manila Entertainment, Grab Taxi, Greenwich, SM Youth, and URBN.

I was out! Finally!

These photos were taken last June on the day of my sister’s birthday at SM Aura. I just came out from the hospital the week before her birthday and so, I was really eager to take steps at the mall for shopping. Of course, the first shop that I was visited was Forever 21 and to start my photo, here are my 2 mirror shots.


This pair of sunnies was worth the try. I was in a hurry to take a photo with it because the saleslady was following me like there’s something I’ll get to pick-pocket at their shop. One of the things that I really hate when I go shopping is when the saleslady keeps on following me wherever I go. I can’t have privacy in choosing what to buy and what to fit. I so hate it! Anyway, back to the topic, I opted not to buy it because I have set of sunnies and most of them aren’t used yet. But as I look at this pair of sunnies in this photo, I wish I just bought it so I won’t keep on thinking about it. Lakas kase maka sosyal!

SLEEVELESS DRESS WORN AS TOP: pasalubong from my sister (bought it in Singapore)
SKIRT: online store (I forgot which online store I bought it from)
BELT: Topshop (c/o Abi Fernandez)
BAG: Tommy Hilfiger
FLATS: Bazaar
SUNNIES: Forever21


I love how I styled my hair here! My hairstylist at Azta Urban Salon – Robinsons Metro East advised me to put styling wax on my short hair because it can add up a little bit drama on my everyday look. To be honest, styling my short hair was one of the reasons why I was always running late in the morning because I can’t achieve the hair style that I want. I just get lucky if ever my hair goes along with the stroke of my hands and how it will be formed by my roll brush and blow dryer.

20140606_150502 20140606_120520

A selfie from my Samsung Note 2 while waiting for the birthday girl.


To complete an OOTD, I borrowed my sister’s necklace from @loopsbyraya as well as her cover-up since it exactly fits my outfit. I also asked her to take my OOTD photos because she knew what is trending for today’s generation. HAHA!!!

NECKLACE: @loopsbyraya (instagram)
COVER-UP: borrowed from my sister

National Museum Trial Shoot

I’m so happy and grateful everytime I go out with someone who takes good photos. I’m getting more energy to make a pose whenever the camera turns on me. Oh well, just like what Patrick of 3ckshot always does when we get a chance to see each other once in a while. Oh my dear friend! You really know me very well!

These photos were taken at the National Museum last September. We went there for a reason and that reason will be discussed on my upcoming posts since I have number of back logs photos to be blogged about. LOL! Patrick had to practice again in taking photos since according to him, he can’t recall when he did his last photoshoot outdoor. We were able to shoot in different areas of the museum to be able for him to grasp the blocking and lighting that he needs as well as his camera’s settings. Luckily, he got it but unfortunately, his model can’t take her angle! HAHAHA…

I always make sure that I make the most of the time being with him. Aside from having a photoshoot, he can also take my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) photos for my instagram and of course, for my blog. “Taking advantage” is what you can put label on me but I love the outcome of my photos taken by him.

These are some of the photos that I like to be posted. I don’t want to post the other half of my photos because I look fat on it even if I was wearing all black.


25 26 19 10 8 3

Forgive this photo. I know it looks funny. That pose wasn’t supposed to be that way. I was immitating my ultimate crush on his BENCH NAKED TRUTH billboard along EDSA.


EARRINGS: Crossings Shangri-la
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