Knitwear Shoot

The second project shoot that we submitted was Knitwear. It was my first time to go to ukay-ukay and did shopping for this shoot and surprisingly, I only shelled out Php300 for the 2 shopping bags of knit clothes and clothes that were of my personal interest. I bought several pairs of pants and skirts that only cost Php50-Php90 each. Some of it has to be adjusted since some of it was kind of outsized on me. I bought it because of the cloth that was used and the style. Some that I bought has a small size so I guess I won’t be having any regret if I dispose it or give it to the one who are in need.

I guess being in this industry is what “PRESSURE” takes on. What happened on this shoot was we thought that our photographer won’t come since his shoot wasn’t yet done in Sta. Mesa but he informed us that he’ll come late. There was only one photographer that we were assuring of and he was the assistant photographer of Sir Rxandy Capinpin, Jerby Tebelin. In addition to that, there was also no HMUA who came. When we arrived at the studio, the model was waiting there for about 30 minutes (I forgot the name of the model and she was British!). We were supposed to cancel this shoot and to be honest, it was really in favour with me because (1) no sumptuous that will be fork out, and (2) I can get home early. But the model was really professional. She was the one who asked us to continue this shoot even if she still has a commitment in Makati. She was very eager to push this shoot so that there will be no time to be wasted for all of us. Glad that the model knew how to do the basic makeup plus I brought with me my makeup pouch and that was a big YEHEYYYY to all of us!

While waiting for the photographer to come, we had a fun shoot to test how a model and how to be on this spot feels like. LOL!



20140830_140400 20140830_140353 20140830_140327

Photos were taken using Samsung Note 2

So when the photographer came, everything was set. We decided to have photoshoot outdoor since we didn’t have equipment for the indoor shoot. I’ll only post the photos that were styled by me and here it goes..


Can you believe that all those clothes were bought in ukay-ukay?!

IMG_4050 IMG_4097 IMG_4047

This was a fast-paced shoot and we were like hurrying all the layouts since the model has a commitment that she needed to attend to. We were four (4) in a group and each of us has two (2) to three (3) layouts. As for me, I only took one (1) layout since this was just for my portfolio.

Meanwhile, this last layout was the styling layout as a group. We combined all our clothes and we came up to this design. What do you think of this styling? Is this good for our portfolio?

IMG_4108 IMG_4107 IMG_4095

And of course.. groupie photo with this British model can’t be forgotten..

Photos were taken by Jerby Tebelin


20140830_155723 20140830_155717 20140830_155710 20140830_153731 20140830_152517

Photos were taken using Samsung Note 2


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