Beauty Shoot with Stephanie Retuya

I’m into fashion but the funny thing about it is that: (1) I don’t know much about who are our local fashion designers, and (2) I don’t watch fashion shows.

I realized that I’m into fashion when I started purchasing clothes via online last 2010 and when I started reading fashion blogs last 2011. That I got to know fashion bloggers Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto, Dominique Tiu, and Joanna Ladrido. Everything followed since then. I thought if one is to fashion, then everything occupies it. But I was wrong. There’s a difference between a fashion designer and fashion stylist. Between a designer and a stylist, I chose being a stylist.

When I took this course, I learned a lot. I also met new faces. I got to know some people in the industry but not totally be friends with them. I realized that not all people have the same attitude as me. Well, not only in this industry but also in general. But one thing I realized about taking this course was, everyday is a learning process. If you choose to focus on what you really want, you should NOT stop learning and continue to research about a certain craft that you choose to do. You should NOT stop even if you get hurt of people’s criticisms on what you do. Criticisms are there for us to learn our mistakes and to hone our skills.We only get hurt because of how the people deliver criticisms. It’s what we kills us and cut our confidence.

Actually, it’s far from what my topic is. I can only remember as I’m writing now, the feeling I had during these times. I felt like I was the worst stylist among the four (4) of us and I felt like this job wasn’t for me. Everything I chose has something better than it. I don’t know if my fashion sense wasn’t that good as them or it was just that, I don’t know how to look if it was good or not.

To get into the highlight of this post, we were advised by our mentor, Ryuji Shiomitsu, during our first day of class that we must complete 4 project shoots before we graduate from this short course: (1) Beauty Shoot, (2) Knitwear Shoot, (3) Menswear Shoot, and (4) RTW – Gowns and dresses.

The first one was Beauty Shoot. We were asked to bring colorful accessories ONLY the day before this shoot and we were NOT aware who our model will be. We were also asked to bring our styling kit because mainly, we’ll be the one who’ll style the model. What made us surprised was when we got into the studio, there was a 2-day seminar (August 9 & 10) regarding fashion photography by Rxandy Capinpin. There was also a basic hair and makeup lesson by Hannah Pechon of Shu Uemura Philippines. Good thing about it was we were also educated about fashion photography and basic makeup for FREE. LOL!!! I was very eager on taking down notes and asks questions as if I was being back to a real student. Well, let’s see if I can share with you some of my notes.

So when the model came, I didn’t know that she was Stephanie Retuya of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1 First Runner-up. I told you then that I wasn’t very particulate on fashion television shows. I know Asia’s Next Top Model exist but I wasn’t very into it.

First thing that we did was to have a basic hair and makeup lesson with Hannah Pechon and Stephanie Retuya. She explained to us the cosmetics needed and how to apply each one of it. She also explained to us the use/purpose of different makeup brushes in a set. She also discussed about the hairstyle of the model and how to fix it.


Discussions about basic hair and makeup was followed by the seminar about fashion photography. This took awhile since the participants were really involving themselves into the subject since most of them were die-hard photographers plus they were really nice and easy to get along with.

Forgive my moment of selfie. You can overlook these photos and I won’t ever get hurt. I promise! LOL!

IMG_3938 IMG_3932 - editted IMG_3930

This is how the stylist and model works for a commercial shoot. LOL! Hello Josh!


Of course.. mirror selfie with Chino will never be ignored!


Chino and Sir Rxandy Capinpin.


Hello Sir Rxandy!


And the shoot began. We were asked to choose a partner and we have to come up with three (3) styling layouts. First layout would be the layout by partner and the second and third layout would be the individual layout. Obviously, I and Chino were partners for this shoot. Since this was a beauty shoot, it would only showcase the model, makeup, hair, and the accessories.

Here’s our first layout. It focused more on the accessories.

IMG_3966 IMG_3960 IMG_3959

For the second layout, the photographer focused more on the makeup. I love how the plastic could be used as a backdrop together with an electric fan. It was really creative and an art on the photo. I was amazed actually by it.



For the third layout, the photographer focused more on the hair and makeup. The photographer on this layout must be good since he must capture the hair with timing. Look at these shots. isn’t it amazing?!


Our groupie shots while having a shoot. We were already haggard but we still managed to smile.

20140809_151251 20140809_151239

With the super nice and down-to-earth Asia’s Next Top Mode Cycle 1 First Runner-up, Stephanie Retuya. I really love working with her. Stunning beauty inside and out was what she got!

IMG_3937 20140809_160536


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