Ariel Aid Couture Charity Fashion Show

Again, we were not informed about this event. All we knew was that, we’ll just have a lecture on the HISTORY OF FASHION STYLING just to have a brief background on where fashion styling started. I just remember this day that I was on my: (1) lazy moment, (2) horrible outfit, (3) unexpected broken pair of shoes since that pair of shoes was stuck in the cabinet for so long and the sole got fragile, and last (4) first day of period of being a woman attacked. I felt like I was a mess that day. But good thing about this day was that I was in a good company and they all saved me from disasters.

To start this post, Ariel Aid Couture was a project for typhoon Yolanda held in Glorietta activity center last August 2, 2014. Instead of donating clothes to the Yolanda victims, Ariel preferred to have a partnership with fashion designers and bloggers. Fashion designers and bloggers donated clothes and shoes to sell and the proceeds will go to the typhoon victims. What they did was, for every amount of purchase, there was a certain equivalent of donation. Like for example, I bought a Zara longsleeves polo for Php250. The equivalent donation of Php250 was a first aid kit. That small amount would be a big help to the typhoon victims since most of the victims were in need of medical aid.



This was Happy Andrada, a Filipino fashion designer who won several awards from different fashion competitions, local and international. I have to be honest with you guys. I didn’t know much more about our Filipino fashion designers except for Rajo Laurel, Michael Cinco, Inno Sotto, Camille Co, Monique Lhuillier, Cary Santiago, Patrick Galang, Cheetah Rivera, Tan-Gan, Randy Ortiz, Veejay Floresca, Pepsi Herrera, Paul Cabral, and Joey Samson (PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY FOR THIS! I KNOW I WAS TOO TERRIBLE BUT PLEASE.. I’M REALLY SORRY!). Not until I decided to enter fashion and took fashion styling course. I know these names because of the Philippine Fashion Week (PFW) or when the celebrities acknowledging them for their beautiful creations. I got to appreciate the other fashion courses because of them and believe it or not, I wanted to take Fashion Designing or Patternmaking course after this.


We were asked to choose people around Glorietta who we think got our attention of their fashion out/style. All we need to do was to approach them and ask for a photo. Since my lazy mode was ON, I didn’t do it. Instead, I asked these 3 people, who were friends with our mentor, to pose for me. LOL! I know I was lazy and please don’t ever put that word on my face! LOL! Weren’t they stylish?! Yes, they were!


So here’s the catch.. we need to choose one (1) pair of clothes and style it on ourselves. After that, we need to put our feet on the stage to show to them how we styled the pre-loved clothes that we’ve picked. This was done to show the crowd that being stylish isn’t just for brand new and branded clothes. Being stylish could also be done with hand-me-down clothes, clothes that are from thrift, stores, and clothes that are unbranded. Also, we need to showcase the clothes that we’ve chosen so people would know what they’ll see on the racks that were being stood in the middle of activity center.


….. and tadaaaaa!!!!! Presenting… the models! And we were ready to hit the runway! LOL!


With the help of our mentor, Ryuji Shiomitsu, I love how the clothes were styled on me. I never wore an outfit like this and this was actually new to me. I realized that fashion styling was really experimental. Sometimes you have to go on your wayd and most of the time, you have to get out of the box. I never thought that this long skirt could be paired with sneakers. This was kind of streetwear (I guess?). I was about to buy this skirt from H&M (but I forgot whose rack belong this!). If I can remember, this skirt cost Php750, top was Php400, and oversized coat was Php1,000+. I really wanted to buy what I wore but i didn’t know where, when, and how I could mix and match all of these. Dillema hitted me once again!






20140802_164231 20140802_181718 20140802_181712 20140802_181703

Say hello to MADAME LYN! :p anyway, I regret that I didn’t buy the skirt. This skirt could be worn in different style. It could be casual, formal, and even streetwear plus this skirt from H&M cost beyond low price compared to a brand new cost.

So, how do you find my look? Yay or nay?!



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